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New possibilities for liquid level control and monitoring of technological processes by noninvasive ultrasonic method TechnoLamb

The article describes a new promising Technolamp technology for level measurement and control in process tanks. Application of this technology allows to carry out non-invasive (non-contact) control in tanks and pipes under pressure and the presence of internal structures and mechanisms. The possibility of using the Rubin-1M level recorder to determine the oil level when releasing and filling oil pipelines is considered. The article also presents a brief description of the new mobile version of the Rubin-1M-NP device, presents the results of its tests at the facilities of Transneft, and considers its additional technical capabilities that expand its technological functionality.

"SPE-Technoautomat": "Synthesis of knowledge and experience"

The company "SPE Tehnoavtomat" was founded in 2005 by experts with extensive experience in the aviation, gas, chemical and power industries. High qualification and availability of own production base with modern facilities in the city of Engels, Saratov region allowed for a relatively short time to create a product with unique technical and operational characteristics.

Of some practical aspects of improving non-invasive (non-contact) ultrasonic method of measuring the liquid level in closed reservoirs

In modern technology of liquid level control ultrasonic methods firmly took thier place. These methods use dependance of parameters of ultrasonic vibrations from the environment in which they are distributed. Main widely used at the present time ultrasonic methods for liquid level measurement are based on measuring the amplitude, or propagation time of the direct and (or) reflected from the liquid surface ultrasonic waves and also ones propagating in special probes that come into contact with the liquid. This is so-called methods of echolocation.

On the question of the degree of attenuation of Lamb waves in the plate in contact with liquid

Normal Lamb waves are now widely used in ultrasonic technology. Basic information parameter that is most commonly used in various processes of diagnosis and control, with an amplitude of the waves. Method based on the analysis of amplitude characteristics, time-gated individual sections Signals Transmitted and reflected in the plates in their surface layer, showed sufficient stability and reliability of the results of such monitoring. However, in case the contact surfaces of the plates with the liquid medium on the amplitude signal characteristics of Lamb waves is affected by several additional factors which reduce the stability of these characteristics.

Efficient operation of equipment pipelines or how to organize smooth operation of your facility

At present, the construction of new gas mains and expansion of the existing network for the development of small and medium gas fields in remote areas of Siberia and the Far East and the North is associated with the problem of reliable power supply equipment crane pads these pipelines. The lack of infrastructure in these remote areas (especially the lack of roads and electricity networks) makes unacceptable