Maintenance of trunk pipelines

An important area of our business is the maintenance of equipment of trunk gas pipelines in remote areas of the Extreem North and the Far East.

Vital activity of large cities and small towns depends on correct operation of the pipelines in those areas.

Therefore it is difficult to overestimate the importance of ensuring uninterrupted supply of gas to the population living there, especially because those areas are problematic.

We have faced with the fact that the work on each project is associated with the unique natural and technical conditions for which it is impossible to use the old methods. In-depth analysis, a comprehensive approach to each task and originality of thought are required.

Sophisticated equipment, decisions for non-standard situations, the need for rapid decision-making in extreme conditions are everydays of our work. This requires the highest professionalism of our employees, concentration and full efficiency of physical and moral strength.


Aware of the increased responsibility, despite the harsh weather conditions and lack of infrastructure, our experts perform quality maintenance, on time and with full dedication.

Arising operational problems are solved quickly thanks to cooperation between technical service and the experimental design bureau of our company. Our unique advantage is that the developers of equipment and engineers of the maintanance service are in constant close contact. This not only virtually eliminates possibility of emergencies but also allows to do preventive and diagnostic work that prevents possible faults.

Organizationally our Maintanance Service consists of several geographically separate units jointed by common management and the united training base. This allows efficiently use available frames. Some problem arising at any site, experts from other regions can quickly be "connected".

All our employees are trained on actually existing gas pipelines and regularly participate in maintanance work at various facilities that contributes to the transfer and exchange of experience.


We are proud to state that chosen approach has proved its viability and high efficiency. This is confirmed by positive assessment of cooperation reflected in the feedbacks from our customers.

We offer to all interested organizations our services on maintenance of facilities of oil and gas industry: - Organization of maintenance bases - Scheduled and preventive maintenance work - Diagnostics and repair of equipment - Supply and installation of spare parts

By contacting us, you can be sure that your equipment is in good hands!