List of products

Level detector "Rubin-1M"

rubin1.jpgThe ultrasonic level recorder “RUBIN-1M” is designed to control the level of liquid in tanks using installed acoustic sensors placed on the outside of the tank to count the number of cycles and control the operation of the liquid discharge actuating mechanism in the automatic mode.

Autonomous station for energy supply and control "APEC"

apek.jpgAPEC is assigned for autonomous energy supply of consumers first and second categories of power receivers (in accordance with the ПУЭ) disposed along the pipeline route; protection of trunk pipelines from corrosion; control for trunk pipelines (eg - a platform of crane unit); collection and transfer of technological parameters of the system to a higher supervisory system.

Reducing item "AMUR"

amur.jpgRI "AMUR" is assigned to reduce high inlet pressure of gas from the main and field pipelines to the desired value. Reducing item can be used for gas consumers, where use of automatic gas distribution station is inappropriate. RI is distributed in increased operational readiness in a block or cabinet execution.

Commercial gas metering unit "UKUG-40"

ukug.jpgCommercial gas metering unit (UKUG) is assigned for commercial accounting of gas, steam, fluids under severe operating conditions in steel and plastic pipes with diameters from 50 to 1220mm. UKUG can be used as a autonomous unit of accounting as a part of automated control systems.