About us


I have the honor to represent the company LLC “Tehnoavtomat R&D” founded by the experts having a wide experience in creation of products for the aviation, gas, chemical industries and power engineering.

The presence in the structure of the company experimental design Bureau with a highly qualified team and equipped with modern testing equipment allows to develop and prepare for fabrication serial products in a short time.

Priority activities of our company are: - control and accounting of oil and gas on the basis of modern ultrasonic technologies; - creation of sources of Autonomous power supply for linear consumers of oil and gas pipelines; - carrying out maintenance of the equipment of gas pipelines.

Close cooperation with the operating organizations and studying of subtleties of technological process allow us to create the products most adapted to real conditions of operation. Some of our products have no analogues in domestic and international markets.

Organizational structure, close-knit team of professionals and advanced management methods allow us to carry out complete complex of works from design to commissioning of the equipment with the subsequent maintenance in the shortest possible time with high quality.

We are proud that our solutions and products are used in many regions of the country. To improve cooperation with our partners in the far Eastern Federal district we opened a branch in Khabarovsk In 2009. This allows us to organize the production of modern equipment for the Far East fuel and energy complex. And this is the creation of new jobs and mutual integration of Russian regions.

The promotion of our patented technology and devices abroad demonstrates the huge possibilities of application in various industries. Technoautomat Oy (Helsinki, Finland) is a subsidiary company which was founded in 2015 to promote our products to the world market. The company's employees are active in exhibition and branding activities for to promote our products, organize a sale network and lead certification.

Understanding our full responsibility for the reliable operation of our equipment we do our work with maximum efficiency, with soul.

We work for our country, for the development of the fuel and energy sector, for you, our dear partners.

General Director Oleg Kachanov